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This guy wouldn't let me buy his car and enter it into a demolition derby. What an ass!

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Responses are currently disabled for this post.
  • Following up on the introduction of automated transcripts earlier this week, you can now add timestamps to your audio post / showreel description directly!

  • Use clock formatting to get it to work: Just format them exactly like a HH:MM:SS clock: 00:00:00 with leading zeros for it to work. For example: 01:02:43 will work. 1:02:43 will not. Note that this will only work in audio posts.

  • Current timestamps for files are also now linkable. When listening to audio you can now share the current timestamp you are listening to by clicking the 3 dots menu and choosing "Current timestamp" from the list.

  • Known bug: This will only work on published posts, not drafts. Unfortunately it's a bit of work to address this, so I may not do so.

  • Alternatively you can append ?t=XXX to the URL, where XXX is the number of seconds into the audio. For example:

  • Kindly let me know if you run into any issues! Next up is letting users preserve timestamps during chat. I wanted to include that in this release but ran out of time.

Broadcast Stats

  • Stats batch catch up. I'm currently running a batch process that is calculating past listens. It will probably be complete tomorrow, so until then some older shows may show 0 listens.

  • Pagination Individual broadcast stats are now paginated, so you can go back in time to past broadcasts.

  • And lots of additional tweaks to make things better, including some bug fixes for user blocks. Good times!

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In which I call a random room pretending to be the front desk and scold him for taking too many breakfast sandwiches. If you like the Milk box show themesong by @amphy, here's the original.

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Wow, I can't believe it's 100 episodes already. That's bananas. If you like overly excessive loud sound effects and don't enjoy having functioning eardrums you'll probably enjoy the show.

On this fun episode, we:

  • BBQ up some steaks in the room and try to disable the smoke alarm.
  • Call hotels to claim my free breakfast I forgot to get from a month ago.
  • Fill a room up with water to make a fun indoor pool
  • Monkey around in the pool mechanical room and cause a flood. (01:24:41)
  • Gaslamp a hotel into thinking their gas pump isn't working.
  • Call realtors to announce that we're squatting on their property and to please remove the for sale listing.
  • Lighting firecrackers in the room.
  • Lighting firecrackers on the hotel roof.
  • and more!

We didn't do the one damn Memorial Day premise I wanted to do (calling HOA residents to invite myself over for BBQ leftovers). I guess we'll save that for Independence Day.


Thanks to our newest Patreons

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alt text

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We get a buncha good tradio calls, hotels, gas stations, etc. We also have Greta Garbage join as a guest!

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Now you can get all broadcasts and audio uploads transcribed, so they are easily searchable. This is also automatically integrated with the search box on the homepage, so you can find that exact call your looking for right from the home page. To see an example visit:

  • Transcriptions have clickable time stamps - you can jump right to the correct call.
  • As your call plays, you will see the active sentence highlight against the audio.
  • To access transcripts, go to the transcription tab on the individual post page (when applicable). You can also find it in the 3 dots menu by each post (if applicable).

Transcript Caveats

  • Only active contributors' files are eligible for transcription.
  • Only public files will be transcribed.
  • Transcriptions are currently manually triggered, to make sure everything scales correctly. But once we have processed the full backlog, transcriptions will be automatic.
  • After being transcribed, your file will immediately show up in search.
  • I'm in the process of batch transcribing older public files which will take a while, so your stuff may not be in here just yet.
  • Todo: Have the search results show the relevant part of the transcript to make it easier to jump to the right moment in the audio.

Misc Fixes

  • I've streamlined down responses (likes and comments) on posts into a single list. One less list to click through.
  • I've also swapped out the temporary hearts for the custom chat emojis now that there's less visual noise for new users to figure out.

Next up: simple audio clipping and better timestamp control.

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Responses are currently disabled for this post.