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  • Posted bymilkbox11 months ago

    Responsive Embeddable Player

    • Add a player to your website or wherever you want!
    • You can grab the code for it under Account Settings > Embeddable Player
    • Has togglable dark mode

    Tip Jar Button for Show Hosts

    • Show hosts can add a prominent customizable tip jar button to the menu bar
    • It links to the support link of your choice
    • This will appear on top of the profile on every page
    • To access it, go to Account Settings > Tip Jar Customization

    Broadcast Status API

    • We now have a public API to check if specific users (or any users) are broadcasting.
    • Check a single user:
    • Check all users:

    Global Dark Mode toggle

    • You can toggle Dark Mode (the simplest place is in the footer). You do not need to be logged in to do this.

    Profile enhancements

    • When a user goes live, a massive chat notification appears throughout the profile.
    • Profile menu is now responsive, and becomes a select menu on smaller screens.
    • Profile pages now have a sidebar on larger monitors.
    • Rotary loaders when data is loading

    Chat enhancements

    • Users will be alerted when new messages appear if they are currently not scrolled down.
    • Chat flood limit is lowered to 1 second.
    • Active Users can be scrolled on top of the chat window.
    • Reporting now works
    • Follow buttons now work correctly in chat.
    • Cactus buttons no longer clears the chat form.

    More Broadcast credentials

    • Some more hosts are now added to the homepage. Go check them out to be notified when they are live!

    Up Next

    • Show Schedules!
    • Some new broadcasting tools