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  • Posted bymilkbox11 months ago

    Follow Notifications

    • If you have notifications enabled you will now receive an email when a user follows you.
    • This is tied to your overall notifications, but I will make a separate setting to control this in the next update.
    • To prevent notification spamming, you will only receive a single email per follower. So if a user follows, unfollows and refollows you, you will not be notified twice.

    User Discovery

    • New user directory feature here:
    • You can sort users by follower count and join date. More options to come as I add new trackable stats. Search is coming soon too.

    Sped up chat

    • Tracking followers across the site is a bit of an expensive operation and was slowing down chat.
    • So I temporarily disabled it when you click on a users' name in chat.
    • I will put this back soon.

    Lot of under the hood bug and performance fixes

    • Knowing me, I probably introduced a bunch of other bugs in doing so. :)
    • Please let me know if you see anything funky. You can report bugs in our discord:

    Up next:

    • chat message likes
    • event schedules & upcoming
    • Improved User discovery
    • Broadcaster stats