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  • Posted bymilkbox11 months ago

    Broadcast Timers

    • Now you'll see the broadcast time when a user is Live.
    • I might do countdown timers as well, after implementing schedules, depending on page performance impact.

    Settings overhaul

    • The wall of settings was getting out of hand so I chunked it up and grouped it into more intuitive categories.
    • I also aligned the settings page navigation with the rest of the site.
    • Broadcasting Instructions and API have been merged into one single document with a toggle that lets you pick directions.
    • Sorry to anyone who now has to figure out where everything is moved around to.

    Query API added

    • I added more formal documentation if you want to query our servers to know when shows are online or offline for your own applications.
    • You can generate an access token and then follow the general API instructions to query us.
    • This is located under Settings as well.
    • Note that with this change I moved the stream credentials under Broadcast settings.