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  • Posted bymilkbox11 months ago

    Major update!

    New beta feature toggle

    • This is necessary if you want some of the features mentioned below.
    • To activate early beta features, just go to the bottom of your account settings -> Advanced Features (beta).
    • If you already have been broadcasting to Prankcast DO NOT toggle this without talking to me first before your next stream.
    • Some configuration settings have changed with the new architecture that we use to enable web app streaming and recording.
    • Your previous settings will remain intact until you toggle this and I want to make sure that the transition is smooth for you.

    Web broadcaster [Beta opt-in]

    • You no longer need to use a third party app to stream to prankcast (you still can though!).
    • I ran a 3-hour broadcast test of this on Monday and it was super smooth.
    • I also added a test mode button to the bottom so you can test going live with it without alerting people (or needing to fiddle with your settings).
    • To try it just click the broadcast button anywhere on the site.
    • I need to enable your account for you, but this is more to make sure you understand the rules before I do so.
    • It only has 1 input at the moment. A second one is coming soon.
    • You can watch a set up video here to get started.

    Stream recording [Beta opt-in]

    • You can now record your streams automatically.
    • The 3 settings are:
    • ON [Public] - this will auto publish the recorded stream to your profile after it's over.
    • ON [Private] - this will record, but you will need to manually publish it before anyone else can see it.
    • OFF - Your stream is not recorded at all.
    • The default setting is ON [Private] (meaning nobody but you will be able to view it).
    • To edit this go to Account Settings -> Broadcast Settings -> Recording Settings.
    • The page to view your recordings is not quite ready yet (I had a computer crash while working on it today). :(
    • But anything recorded moving forward will be ready when it's live.

    Chat control

    • You can now set chat to auto-disable new posts when you go offline.
    • Account Settings -> Profile Settings -> Chat Customization

    Whole bunch o' performance tweaks.

    Up Next

    • Schedule (finally!)
    • Recording Reels
    • Broadcast Stats