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  • Posted bymilkbox11 months ago

    Private Chat Messages

    • You can now message the host and other users privately while in the chat room.
    • To send a private whisper, click the lock icon next to the chat message box.
    • To specify a user in chat, put @username at the beginning of the message.
    • If you don't specify a user, the host will get it.
    • Users do not currently get alerts, so they need to be in chat to see it.

    Other Chat tweaks

    • You can now use markdown to format your message.
    • You can now click the likes # to see who liked the chat message.
    • Lowered the flood spam detection down to half a second, so you can type faster between messages.
    • Fixed that pesky follower bug in chat.
    • Modal windows now open properly as well.

    Show Alert Double-Dipping fix

    • Show alerts will only go out if a host hasn't previously gone live with sent notifications in the last hour.
    • I might revisit that timing amount later.
    • This prevents false starts / stream restarts from spamming up Discord and other channels.

    Rules page added

    • Linked in the footer. Please follow them. Thanks!

    Contributors page added

    • Thanks a ton to everyone who is helping get Prankcast off the ground!
    • I listed all current Patreons on the bottom.

    BUTT bugs fixed [BETA opt-in feature]

    • We identified a bug impacting BUTT users who opted-in to our new beta broadcast features.
    • Users of the previous system were not impacted.
    • The bug is now corrected, so you can use BUTT for the new broadcasts moving forward if you are using the beta opt-in features.