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  • Posted bymilkbox

    The beta player now works on iOS and Android

    • I hope so anyways! I'll run a test of it tonight on my show stream.
    • Note: The embeddable player some hosts have put into their website does not yet work with the beta. I expect that to be resolved in the next few days.
    • So if you're relying on the embeddable, do not opt-in to the beta yet.

    Tip Jar tweak

    • After your stream ends, the tip jar button will now wiggle for a few minutes as a gentle reminder for people to tip their host.

    Broadcast App tweaks

    • Added a javascript prompt if a user tries to close the window, just to avoid accidental closes.
    • The text on the prompt doesn't make sense, but is not customizable unfortunately (browser security concern).

    Recommendation list pruning

    • We now have a lot of users on the homepage / new follow recommendations list and I will be shortening it a bit to only show active hosts / or hosts bringing in new audiences to Prankcast.
    • This is just to make sure new users easily find fresh content or the hosts they joined the site to find in the first place.
    • Rest assured that I'm happy to add anyone back to the recommendations list and help promote them again when they are ready to go live.

    Chat whisper replies

    • You can now click the Private icon in a whisper to you and it will prepare the message to reply privately.


    • Fixed: Follow tracking was not working in Firefox for certain users.
    • Big chat database call /speed improvements under the hood (I hope!)
    • Added better loading state guidance and ux indicators for users. Should help with slow mobile connections
    • Accessibility tweaks (higher contrast colors)
    • Meta upgrades: SEO tweaks to custom page titles & Google Analytics events