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  • Posted bymilkbox

    Embed works with Beta Broadcasts

    • Feel free to start using the beta, if using the embeddable on your website was holding you back!
    • You can find the Embeddable Player under Account Settings > Broadcast Settings > Embeddable Player.

    Settings confirm prompt

    • If you leave an area in settings before saving your work, you will now receive a warning prompt asking you to confirm.
    • You will also see a large reminder banner when you have unsaved changes.
    • Settings save buttons were enlarged and flash subtly when you have unsaved changes as well.

    Markdown now works in Profile Descriptions

    • Anything you can do in chat you can now do in your user descriptions.
    • You will se a Preview and a link to a markdown guide below the description.

    Chat Markdown toggle

    • Hosts can now choose whether or not to enable Markdown code for their users in chat.
    • Markdown allows users to post links, images and rich text in chat.
    • Chat is WAY more fun with it enabled, but obviously there's a risk of abuse.
    • The cool thing about markdown is that unlike parsing html, even when it's disabled, everything is still easily readable.
    • This toggle can be found under Account Settings > Profile settings > Chat Customization

    Misc fixes

    • Images in chat/descriptions have a max height of 200 pixels.
    • Chat will continue scrolling while at the bottom when images are posted.
    • Contribute page now opens in a new window so generous users dont lose the stream they are listening to.