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  • Posted bymilkbox

    Listener stats are now tracked for the beta opt-in (only).

    • For now it's just a listener, guest and chatter count.
    • I'll be building a bunch of additional data reporting views for hosts to better understand show performance.
    • You'll be able to see these stats next to / under the chat while a broadcast is live (beta users only).
    • You'll also receive an email immediately after the broadcast with a performance summary.

    More Follower Control

    • You can now control who follows you.
    • Settings include open (anyone can follow), open to non-blocked users, by request, or (private) only people the host already follows.
    • To modify this setting, please go to Account Settings -> Profile Customization -> Follower Settings.
    • Please report bugs in our discord. I could not test it as much as I would have liked.
    • This setting introduces a few additional screens (eg. a screen to manage follow requests).
    • I condensed the followers navigation into a single tab.
    • Only the host can see and manage follow requests (incoming and outgoing) and a list of ignored requests.

    Blocked Users

    • Blocked users will not be able to receive show alerts.
    • Blocked users cannot follow the hosts who blocked them (unless the host has the settings completely open).

    Chat upgrades

    Chat filters

    • There's now a filters button in the chat header. Clicking it will show you all available options (eg. all, dm's, saved, etc…)

    Save chat messages

    • In the options menu for each chat message you'll now have a Save option. You can access saved messages from your chat history (it's one of the filters).

    Reported chat messages

    • Host only. Reports from other users will show up here.
    • I dont yet have a way to proactively alert hosts when a new report comes in, but that will fast follow.

    Beta Transition

    • NOTE: I'll be reaching out to all icecast users to help move everyone into the beta this week.