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  • Posted bymilkbox


    • Users can create and customize profiles
    • Users can add third party embeds (eg your mixlr player) and custom links to profiles
    • Users can follow each other
    • Users can add youtube playlist ids and it imports the clips

    Here's an example profile:


    Icecast Integration

    • Users can use our icecast integration (contact me to use it and ill send separate credentials to you) or use their own (contact me for API access).
    • When you use either scenario it pings our API and lists you as online everywhere on the site that your avatar appears.

    TODO / Coming next

    • Notifications (this will be email and push via a web app)
    • Simple chat room
    • Ability to schedule event calendars
    • User discovery list - I'll add all of you initially

    Please create a profile and let me know how it goes!