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  • Posted bymilkbox10 months ago

    Version 0.6 is out!

    MAJOR broadcaster upgrades [Beta only]

    Multiple inputs in the web broadcaster app!

    • You can now add up to 5 inputs when using the web broadcaster.
    • I will possibly lower it in the future, but for testing purposes, add as many as you like.

    Stream audio from specific apps and/or browser tabs.

    • This is extremely experimental and support varies drastically in different browsers and operating systems.
    • I'll share a separate post listing support later.

    Independent volume control / monitoring per channel.

    Settings memory - When you tweak a setting, it will be remembered on that device for next time.

    Schedule features added

    • Go add your details! and click the Add New button.
    • You can also add new schedule details on your profile's schedule page.
    • Add show information, timing and even a banner graphic.
    • Add co-hosts, regular guests and production crew.
    • Any other folks you add will automatically import your schedule on their pages, helping everyone cross-promote.
    • The new global schedules page lists all shows in one location.
    • You can also filter it to just show the shows you follow.

    YouTube clips change

    • Now only one video can play at a time and it will do so in a larger view above the clips.
    • Click any thumbnail to activate.

    Pre and post-roll capabilities [Beta only] [Testers needed]

    • You can now auto-play a prerecorded clip before and after your broadcast.
    • It will also be auto-added to the recording.
    • This will only be enabled on a per-account basis for now.
    • If you want to try this out, please let me know. It's not in the interface officially yet.

    Prankcasters using the old icecast: Moveover to the beta, please!! Git git!

    • If you are a broadcaster not yet opted into the beta, please start migrating!
    • It's really simple and takes just a couple of minutes to test it out.
    • If you can't get it to work you can always undo it and go back (just do not change any password / api tokens).
    • Give yourself enough time to set it up, test it and troubleshoot. Thanks!


    • Upcoming shows teased on the homepage
    • Reels profile section
    • Add show staff to help you monitor your chat. Some of the bigger shows rely on this
    • I dont know some kind of rabbit-horse machine thingy. Just wanted to see if anyone actually read to the bottom.