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  • Posted bymilkbox10 months ago

    Giphy integration in chat

    • Now you can add gifs to chat without needing to know markup
    • The library will show content based on the message you type
    • It will match the default emoji the host has chosen if the show message is blank
    • I'll add proper search soon.
    • This option will only show up in chats where the host has markdown is enabled.

    Embeddable Player Upgrades

    • External listens are now tracked and added to stats (BETA users only)
    • You can now add multiple users to a single embeddable player and when one of them goes live they will appear.
    • Just pass a comma separated string of usernames. This is useful for groups with multiple shows.
    • Hosts can opt out of having their streams appear in all external embeddables.
    • To grab an embeddable or change your settings go here:

    SEO optimizations

    • Profile pages and key site pages are now cached for ideal indexing by Google.
    • Let's get that Google juice flowing so we can bring you more audience!
    • You may notice some pages feel faster to the user as well.

    Just for Nerds: API Query Endpoint Update

    • You can now search multiple users with a single call.
    • Just pass in a comma separated list of prankcaster usernames and you will get a response back on all of their statuses with a single call.

    Incremental changes

    • Hosts are now visible in schedule details, even if other users are not checked off.
    • Verified users can now add embeddable html content to their profile without additional approval needed.
    • You can now sort alphabetically by username in the Directory.
    • Schedules now show a link back to the homescreen.
    • Password bug is now fixed.
    • Profile screen settings tabs now have unique links. This will make it easier for me to link to new settings as I add them.
    • Volme faders in web broadcaster now respond to single taps, instead of just drag movements.