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  • Posted bymilkbox10 months ago

    Upcoming shows are now on the homepage

    • Currently shows the next day's worth of shows. I'm sure I'll be tweaking this a lot over time.

    More stats tracked [beta only]

    • Beta stats are now tracking likes, comments and stickers (gifs) added

    Icecast end of life date = April 30

    • Speaking of beta, move over already please!
    • I'm not going to renew the server at the end of April, so please move over immediately.
    • I promise it takes 5 minutes total to make the changes in BUTT and other tools.

    Removing some listings from homepage

    • I'm going to be doing some housekeeping to take down non-active hosts.
    • I'll put them back later when these are active again.

    Prankcast staff can now help you with profile / show setup

    • I am making some changes that will allow you to get preemptive help from site admins setting up your Prankcast settings, if you want it.
    • For example, if you don't have time to schedule your shows, but have it listed publicly somewhere else, we can do it for you.
    • This is intended to be helpful only. You can opt out of this at any time, and override any content created for you.
    • To modify these settings go here:

    YoutTube cache

    • Youtube clips were going over our API quota, so I'm caching the first page of clips for 12 hours to help stop that from happening.
    • If you upload a clip and want to override your cache, there's now a refresh button that only owners can see, on their clips page (next to the page title)

    Discord tweaks

    • Only homepage featured users can trigger global alerts in the prankcast show-alerts channel moving forward.
    • Users not on the homepage will still alert their specific followers.

    Embeddable Player

    • You can now link a few folks together in the embeddable player instead of just embedding one user at a time.
    • If any of the users in the list are live, the live show will automatically be displayed to the user.
    • You can toggle through multiple users with the new paging control that shows up when multiple results are passed in.
    • This is useful if someone wants to promote a bunch of hosts at once (like what currently happens on
    • This should help some streams get more external visibility to new audiences.

    Other incremental tweaks

    • Schedule settings can now be found under Account settings -> Broadcast Settings:
    • Some modal windows now have the background darkened out, to make it easier to see what is in focus in the modal and what is not.
    • Added a comprehensive dynamic sitemap to help drive more SEO to user's profiles so they capture more listeners.
    • Added a menu placeholder for reels (coming next)
    • Major fix to how new user accounts are created that should hopefully fix a bug where some accounts randomly dont have avatars.
    • All images uploaded by users are now stored in a user-specific folder (eg. avatars and show banners currently). I'll allow users to manage these at a later date.
    • Switched to a hover state for menu dropdowns on user profiles. Feeling cute, may remove this later.