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  • Posted bymilkbox9 months ago

    Major update!

    Although I'm going to be honest and tell you that I think this still needs a lot of polishing and usability improvements. At the same time, I need to get this one out the door so I can focus on improving chat's responsiveness, which is becoming more and more of an issue.

    Global player

    • Now when you browse around the Prankcast website, you will still be able to listen to live shows without accidentally cancelling the stream.
    • It sounds simple, but this was ridiculously complicated to get working.
    • You can expand the player for more options and broadcast details.
    • This also works for recorded showreels you listen to.
    • Note that only reels support Time Seeking forward / backward. Live shows will only play live audio moving forward, to keep listeners in sync with hosts and be less confusing.
    • Speaking of showreels….


    • Listen to old shows! You can find showreels under Clips on user's profile pages.
    • Hosts can publish their previous Prankcast shows to make them available to listen.
    • Hosts can download mp4s of past shows (if they enabled recording). This will only work for shows that used the beta broadcasting platform.
    • Hosts can manage and publish showreels under Account Settings > Broadcast Settings > Manage Showreels:
    • I will be adding a way to upload old non-Prankcast audio files to Showreels in the very near future.

    Broadcast titles and other info

    • Broadcasts can now be titled and given a description.
    • Co-hosts and graphics coming soon.
    • If you use Rocket Broadcaster or other third party apps you cannot currently preset your broadcast title.
    • But you can edit it while you are live right on the chat page (click the edit icon near the broadcast stats when they show up).
    • I'll improve this in the future.

    Web broadcaster improvements

    • If you have already saved some upcoming broadcasts, you can now choose them at the point of broadcast (web app only).
    • You'll see a list of any unaired broadcasts in the web editor when you trigger it.
    • You can also add broadcast details at run time.

    Remote Player Builder

    • I added a simple form to the remote player settings, to make it easier to build and preview your own embeddable remote player.
    • You can build your remote player here:

    Other misc items

    • Fixed giphy search bug that was making some strings not get searched properly
    • fixed notification verification.
    • There's a new visual banner that takes over a page's header while a show is live. If you send someone to your page, there's now a giant banner with an unmissable play button. You can X it off to access the normal profile header.
    • The save reminder warning that appears in the header in the accounts settings section is now clickable as an additional save button, to save you time.

    Up Next:

    • Making chat go real time!