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  • Posted bymilkbox9 months ago

    This isn't new news per se, but I never formally announced this in patch notes since it had a bunch of bugs I wanted to fix first. I think most of them are now fixed.. so we can officially "release" these changes:

    Chat overhaul

    • Most of this is behind the scenes, but chat was upgraded to be virtually realtime so it scales with larger shows.
    • Last night we had a show with 45+ folks in it (and 91 total listeners) and it worked swimmingly.
    • For tech nerds: We completely rebuilt chat to use websockets, so true real time data transfer can take place. I'm going to continue to make this go even faster.
    • Fixed a number of related bugs (message timers being incorrect & private messages not showing up)
    • We expanded number of chat messages stored in local memory to 100
    • You can now see the breakdown between guests watching chat and members sitting in chat.
    • Todo: update stats counter with guests total


    • Stats: fixed a bug that was undercounting the number of guests listening to a broadcast (would often cap guests at 1)

    New Shows

    • MolinWolf is debuting his new show on Sunday afternoon.
    • DirtyDoctorDan is also going to be doing shows on Fridays as well.
    • Give them both a follow and tune in!

    Some quick stats

    • 11 users have now crossed the 100 follower threshold, with 3 of them above 200. Crazy!

    Coming Up Next

    • Profile Overhauls! Let's get those showreels front and center
    • Global showreels section
    • New broadcaster guide
    • Showreel listener stats
    • Tiger wrestling


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