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  • Posted bymilkbox

    This was going to be part of a bigger release, but I am breaking it up as mo features = mo problems.

    So in this minor release you get:

    A bunch of misc updates and tweaks

    • Major changes to under the hood performance of the profile pages to help them get cached. They should perform much faster now.
    • Fixed a bug that wasn't allowing embeddable players to play and made it work on thin layouts.
    • Temporarily disabled new follower notification emails. I'll re-add this back as an option after I redo notification options.
    • Added showreel previews to profile pages
    • Added a preview of YouTube clips to the profile page.
    • Showreels will now export as mp3 files moving forward, when downloaded.
    • Fixed bug preventing users from listening to a second live show after the first live show ended (without requiring a refresh)
    • Fixed usability issue where active chats would move too fast to like a comment. Now if you scroll off the bottom, chat will remain still so you can like comments.
    • Fixed the chat timer issues. Finally.