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  • Posted bymilkbox7 months ago

    Oh sweet jesus, this is finally out the door. This is the biggest under the hood set of changes yet. Some functionality has already been quietly released and tested by hosts, but with this patch notes, I'm making it official:

    Broadcaster warning

    • I'm putting this up top so it's not missed. The web broadcaster is having some memory issues and seems to crash in some browsers.
    • Until further notice, I strongly recommend using third party apps to connect and broadcast to Prankcast instead.

    Settings split

    • Settings have been split into two sections: personal and creator.
    • I dont love this since it is not the most intuitive set up, but I made this change so you can have staff help you with your creator settings, without any risk of sharing your personal settings and data.
    • I've split a bunch of the settings up between these two sections. I won't list it here, but just click through to familiarize yourself with what's where.

    Ignored Users

    • Separate from Chat blocking / timeout functionality, you can now choose to ignore users. This will mean you will not see their chat comments anywhere.
    • This is different from chat blocking / timeout. Blocking will keep the user from posting in YOUR chatroom only. Ignoring users will still allow them to post, you (only) won't seem them anywhere (including other chats)
    • You can manage your list of ignored users under your Personal Settings -> Advanced -> Ignored Users.

    Blocked Users

    • As mentioned, this is different than ignored users and prevents people from posting in your chatroom only. This list can now be managed inside your Creator Settings -> Chat -> Blocked Users.
    • You can now specify a timeout length, or set the block to be indefinite.
    • Users can now be timed out for different time periods. The number of minutes remaining will show up to the user on the chat message panel (and in the User Block admin screen for chat staff)
    • Blocked users will still be able to view your chatroom. They just won't be allowed to post in it.

    Chat filters

    • This was released quietly a few weeks ago, but it was never included in patch notes.
    • Filters allow show hosts to automatically replace certain words (eg. slurs) with other words, including randomized options.
    • You can use them for strict moderation, or for comedic effect. You can even chain random replacements. For example, if you type 'madlibs' in the milkbox chatroom, you will get some randomized dumb prank call ideas.

    Report Notification indicators

    • Will bounce when a new chat report has come in.
    • This is only visible to staff.
    • Notifications are cleared by visiting the Reports section of the chat room.
    • Report icons will only show up for admins and moderators of the chat.
    • You can see who reported the comment by hovering over the icon and clicking on the number that appears next to it.

    Account Staff

    • So you can now add staff to help you with almost all creator functions!
    • Staff can do almost everything you can do, except things in the personal settings area (eg. they cannot manage your personal account details and add more staff).
    • Staff can help you moderate your chat. They can delete messages and give users temporary timeouts / bans.
    • Staff can change your profile and chat settings, (eg. filter lists, chat emoji, block users)
    • I have not added specific roles yet. That will come in a patch update shortly.
    • So for now, only add staff that you trust implicitly.
    • If you add staff to help you moderate chat, I strongly suggest you come up with a very clear policy around how/when you take those actions, to avoid confusion and needless drama.
    • Creator settings have moved under the Profile tab on user profiles. They will only be visible to you and staff members.

    Rules change

    • Since you have more control, the rules around what types of communal behavior are OK have been modified accordingly. Please visit the rules page to see the latest rules.
    • Because users have effective tools to self-govern, every show can now make decisions about what types of legal behaviors are acceptable.
    • If you do have specific rules for your chatroom, please add them to your Chat Welcome screen so users are fully informed before entering chat.
    • If you have specific language you don't allow, please use the Filters list as well.

    Showreel improvements

    • Global showreels have been added. You can access this in the footer or by clicking the Prankcast logo.
    • You can also now filter this by just the shows you follow. You can find this option on the global showreels page.
    • Added names and spinning icons to the Showreels.


    • Showreels can now be accessed through your favorite podcast player.
    • You can get an RSS feed of user profile content, of all published content on the site, and just content you follow.
    • To get access to just content you follow, get the special link from Creator Settings -> API -> Podcast RSS Links (must have beta enabled)

    Misc Fixes / Updates

    • User Sorting on homepage and directory now possible by last broadcast time.
    • Verified users can no longer change their usernames. You'll need to message support@prankcast for help if you want to do this.
    • Stopped the double confirm from popping up on the Settings pages.
    • 404 user profiles are now laid out like actual profiles for a less jarring experience and better search indexing in Google.
    • Javascript errors (like mistakes from poorly formed markdown code in chat) will now show up inside a user-friendly error message instead of breaking the whole screen.
    • New menu navigation dropdowns - to lay the foundation for adding in search and notifications. Click the logo in the navbar to quick access global pages.
    • Save and report icons are now located next to the exact line that was saved instead of the top level.
    • Changed profile dropdowns back to click (previously was hover)
    • Made content pages even more SEO friendly, and implemented serverside caching on major traffic points
    • Cards on twitter, discord and social media will now import host avatars and descriptions.
    • broke the settings code down for performance on slower devices
    • Fixed bug preventing player from showing up on certain recordings.
    • Discord @everyone alerts are moved to a 24 hour cool down period.
    • Fixed issue where viewing number of chat message likes would refresh chat.
    • Fixed chat scroll issue impacting Firefox. Required a chat scroll rewrite. Hope it doesn't cause new bugs!
    • Shortened the number of chat messages to 50 so extra memory issues doesn't hurt older browsers.
    • Chat can now be paused to Like messages again.
    • tweak to mobile nav menu so it doesn't use an ugly html form anymore
    • mobile navigation has some subtle animations
    • Stopped certain forms from using the browsers autocompletion data.
    • Cut down the number of database calls during login processes, which might have been contributing to occasional stalled requests on slow connections.
    • Patched a hole where users can sometimes be assigned the same randomly generated username at account creation, which then breaks the onboarding experience.
    • Made the account creation process generated serverside instead of clientside, so there will be less errors during that process.
    • fixed odd logout redirect issue.
    • moved all settings data serverside for better responsiveness.

    OK whew! I'm going to sleep for a while. Please let me know if anything is acting all funky. Thanks, mom!

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