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    ## Staff Roles

    • You can now assign specific roles to Staff members. These correspond to the tabs under Creator Settings.

    • This means you can assign a chat mod who can only help with chat-related parts of your show. Previously staff had full control everywhere.

    • Edit buttons will now appear for appropriate staff contextually in the profile drop down.

    • Staff with Profile edit permissions can now edit directly from a user's profile.

    • Staff can now add other staff, (if given Staff permission access). This can be accessed under Creator Settings > Staff.

    • Staff still cannot see or change your personal information (located under the Personal tab).

      Chat Upgrades

    • Reporting and saved screens now have a button that will take you back to chat. they also will not show new messages.

    • Chat history tab is added, with pagination.

    • Chat settings can now be accessed from the navbar Chat dropdown (if you're an owner or have chat permissions)

    • A major memory leak in chat was fixed. This contributed to some web broadcaster instability so will help make this more stable.

    • The timer in chat now works correctly.

    • Full screen toggle and chat welcome message buttons are now consolidated into a single More menu button in the top right of chat.

    • It also has a Chat settings option inside for chat mods. Fututre additional functionality will be added there.

    • moved moderation options into a submenu inside chat.

    • Added a visual indicator when a message was filtered (the more menu appears in red).

    • You can see the original unfiltered message by clicking the more menu > view raw message.

    • Added message user context, and timestamps to the chat menu.

    • Fixed bug preventing the members list from updating.

    • Fixed bug where an open chat menu's context would change if a new message came in.

    • fixed bug removing the delete option from chat for your own messages

    • Fixed reporting bug issue - now admins and chat mods can see reports

      Audio Upgrades

    • Implemented a wake script to keep mobile devices from sleeping while a show is playing.

    • Lowered podcast caching time to 1 hour (was previously 24 hours).

    • Volume settings are now remembered in browser memory.

      Homepage Upgrades

    • Changed default sorting on homepage to be by most recent broadcast

    • when a user is live, clicking their lit up Avatar will now take you directly to the live chat.

      Settings Changes

    • Broke out Creator Settings into 6 tabs: Profile, Chat, Broadcast, Content, API, Staff

    • Some settings items have been shuffled around to work well with the new staff categorization (eg. Showreels are now managed under Content)

    • Added opt out toggle for adding showreels to podcasts

    • fixed bug showing the wrong name in the ignore list

    • fixed bug showing an error message when doing user moderation, even though it actually worked.


    • Fixed bug allowing some emails to have spaces in them

    • Bunch of further SEO improvements

    • Soooo many bug fixes. Who wrote this shitty code anyway??

      Up Next:

    • Refined broadcast & chat stats

    • Refined notifications control

    • Clipping API

    • Showreel design upgrades

    • Staff activity log

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