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  • Posted bymilkbox6 months ago

    Getting there! This is a mix of fun features (raids), long overdue features (user search), and some more critical components (custom notification settings) that will let me build more functionality ()

    Chat raids

    • Show hosts: Choose Start Chat Raid from the chat menu (top right corner of chat) to initiate a raid.
    • You can also simply type "/raid @username" into your chat and instantly send your users over to that user's chat (Just swap out the word "username" with the username).
    • If they are listening to your show, they will still be able to listen to you until they manually end the stream or manually begin to listen to the user you have sent them to.
    • Chat participants can opt out of participating in chat raids under Personal settings > Advanced Features.

    Notification updates

    • Behind the scenes changes to how notifications go out. This will allow for flexible customization about what notifications users opt into or out of.
    • Go into your Personal -> Notifications settings to customize them.
    • I reenabled Follower notifications for those who want them. Feel free to disable this within your Personal Settings.
    • In an upcoming release, I will also make it so that you can tweak individual notifications at a host level.

    API changes

    • Added Guest information to API queries
    • Added Guest Json information to embeddables

    Embeddable Player

    • Added detailed About section with broadcast context.
    • Added a script to stop playing audio from pausing when the display turns off.
    • Minor layout tweaks (moved all settings and about information into a More menu)

    User Search

    • You can now search for users directly. Click the Prankcast logo and choose Search from the drop down menu.
    • You can also trigger it from the homepage by clicking the search icon next to Featured Prankcasters, or clicking the search icon on the User Directory page.


    • Added a flood cooldown to all chat actions. This will stop them from being abused to annoy hosts and will keep my costs normal, since im charged based on usage.
    • While I was at it, I laid in the foundation for individual users to be individually rate limited in the future (it's currently a global value).
    • This way if a particular user seems to needs a longer cooldown period than others, we can automatically provide it.
    • Fixed issue showing duplicate avatars when a user has multiple browsers open.
    • Removed the live broadcast stat placeholder "Total Chat: 0" that I've been too lazy to remove to date.


    • only broadcasters have "off air/live" tags by their profiles now


    Huge thanks to all the Prankcast Contributors for enabling this project to GO GO GO.

    Thanks to our newest Patreon supporters since the last release:

    • Murrymurz
    • dnelladoodle
    • i8aqt gu812
    • M.C. Paperclip and a special thanks to PhoneLosers and WastedMemory for the additional support!

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