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  • Posted bymilkbox6 months ago

    The next few updates will be pushed out incrementally (and hopefully rapidly). The theme of v0.8 is content and I'll be introducing more functionality focused on managing your content, including custom uploads, audio clipping, content stats, the ability to embed audio files externally and text posts.

    Homepage changes

    • The most recent 3 showreels are now on the homepage. This will hopefully help new listeners discover hosts using the showreel feature.
    • Currently live shows will still take precedence (and are hidden when nobody is live).
    • Shows that haven't been active in a while will be removed from the homepage.
    • I will also be cycling out featured prankcasters who are not active and have not indicated plans to be.
    • I'm happy to put them back when you're ready to go live again. Just reach out and let me know.

    Showreel Changes

    • Showreels now have a horizontal full-width row layout. It's responsive on mobile.
    • The seek bar is much bigger and actually functional.
    • Clicking the title will now take you to the permaurl for the showreel. It will feature description info (and in a near-term release, statistics for the broadcast).
    • You can see more information by clicking the new Broadcast Info option in the More menu on the right.
    • Staff with Content rights can also toggle the showreel to publish it.


    • Made chat avatars update with the latest entrant from left to right
    • I was contracted by Vagibond Inc to launch their new website at

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