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  • Posted bymilkbox1 year ago


    • Users can receive show alerts for shows they follow via email and SMS notifications.
    • Users have to opt in to receive them, which includes verifying your email or phone number. This wasn't fun to build, but I'm glad it's done!
    • Browser push, whatsapp and discord notifications coming soon!

    Icecast API

    • Simple API for broadcasting your show status to our server via your icecast stream (though technically you can do it manually to trigger a notification to your followers).
    • It's located at the bottom of your profile settings (temporarily).
    • hopefully this looks more like a rotary phone now

    Consolidated Profile page

    • Much easier to navigate and get feedback on saves


    • Feature update notes are now linked in the site footer and dashboard.

    TODO / Coming next

    • v.04 (Monday!)

    • Simple chat room

    • User discovery on homepage

    • v.05 (??)

    • Notifications (push & discord)

    • Ability to schedule event calendars

    I'm aiming to do a test stream on the Milk Box Show using Prankcast on Monday night. Hope you can make it to help test!