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  • Posted bymilkbox4 months ago

    Bigger update coming soon, but in the meantime I've taken some steps to make Prankcast chat more secure and did not want to wait on this release:

    Chatroom Security

    • You can no longer put markdown links in the chatroom in this format [text](url). It represented a risk of users making the text look like a false url and linking it to something unsafe. For example: [htp://](htp://
    • All http urls will still be linked, but will now take you to a Prankcast intermediate page where you are given a chance to inspect the URL and make sure you want to click through to it. This should prevent people from accidentally clicking a URL in a fast-moving chatroom and unintentionally visiting an unsafe page.
    • All images are now run through a proxy on duckduckgo before being displayed in chat. This should prevent ip-logger sites linked as image urls from being able to grab the personal IP addresses of individual users in chat.


    • Fixed a bug preventing scheduled broadcast drafts from being edited in the Web Broadcaster App
    • Fixed podcast sorting issue
    • Built an import script to pull in and host old Mixlr showreel files from interested users
    • Wrapping long chat links so chat doesnt break when a big string is posted

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