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  • Posted bymilkbox1 month ago

    Minor update: Some changes related to the way folks interact with filters.

    Chat tweaks

    • Hosts can now disable filters for the entire chat with a simple toggle, without deleting any elements. This allows hosts to turn filter-mode on/off at will for fun.
    • You can now disable all host chat filters if they annoy you (for your own viewing only).
    • "Zalgo text" was modified so it will still show up but shouldn't slow down site performance or overlap into other people's messages.


    • Listener count was added to the chat member button (when applicable).
    • temporarily disabled the ability to start the show with creating a broadcast title. I need to rewrite this functionality since it would sometimes get stuck and frustrate hosts. For now it will just broadcast directly and you can change it once the show is live.


    • For performance reasons, accounts can now have a hard limit on the number of staff member accounts. I arbitrarily chose 10 because that seemed reasonable. If your account already had more than this, you're grandfathered in until you make changes. If this number is too low, reach out to me.
    • thumbnail avatars will now zoom in when they arent square, so there's no ugly whitespace

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