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  • Posted bymilkbox

    We're officially at v0.9!

    This Major update is all about Chat: Speed, Bots, Flair and Uploads

    This is Part 1 of the Patch notes and only includes publicly available changes. Some of the functionality that will be listed in Part 2 has been in the works for months now, so I'm so excited to get it out the door. There's a bunch more changes coming with Part 2 of this update! I also never officially announced some older patch notes, so I added those as prior posts at to help catch you up.

    On to the good stuff…

    Chat v3 is live

    Speed improvements

    • Completely rewrote the core of the chat application to make it feel more responsive on all devices.

    Bots are live!

    • You'll see a bot posting memes and channel announcements in the room.
    • Hosts can use chat filters in combination with the bot to really randomize the things it says.
    • Type /help in the chat room to get dm'd a list of global chat commands. Some examples: /joke | /rules | /define word
    • Hosts can build their own custom chat triggers to make the bot say silly (or productive) things when certain words are triggered.

    Username flair

    • Add custom flairs to your follower's names. You can customize this or use templates. This is a good option to call out new supporters or make funny in-jokes.

    Chat uploads

    • [Contributor-only feature] You can now upload in chat or access previously uploaded images! This feature is a new tab in the image menu where you post gifs.

    Other misc chat tweaks

    • You can upvote individual messages instead of just the parent (desktop only for now).
    • Users can like their own comments now, because you do you.
    • Welcome message now has the user's profile inks inside it as a new tab, to make scrolling in chat easier. The site footer was also removed…
    • Broadcaster stats are being calculated in a new way and have been moved into a tab in the welcome screen. this could be buggy - please let me know if you see any wonkiness.
    • chat is now full screen by default. you can make it even taller in the Chat Options menu.
    • You can now browse chat while logged out again.
    • Note: Chat history is temporary disabled while I work on compatibility with the new chat.

    Profile Page improvements

    • Profile Links now has options for headers and spacers.
    • As such, Profile Links, Contacts and Friends can now be consolidated into one single menu and will all be moving under the Links form.
    • Contacts and Friends will be deprecated and and deleted on Jan 31, 2023, so please move them over beforehand. I'll try to help anyone whose profile I see has the old stuff on them.
    • A live preview of the links section will appear along side the form, so you can see how your page will look as you edit.
    • At the bottom, you will now see a templates option. If you use this it will reset your form and build a template you can modify (listener or creator templates).
    • To edit this, go into Settings > Profile .

    Broadcaster improvements

    • Completely rewrote the 3rd party broadcasting app section to offer specific tutorials, per app.
    • You can now use non-SSL compatible apps to broadcast to Prankcast. I have added additional app options to the 3rd party section.
    • Added a simple broadcaster onboarding guide page for newly added broadcaster accounts. You can see it here:
    • Added a warning message when a user does not use Prankcast servers to broadcast in their settings, since a couple hosts got confused on this.
    • when you disable outgoing notifications you will not show up as live on the homepage anymore - so you can better test privately. You will still show up as live if someone visits your profile page directly.
    • Added a new region to our broadcasting host to make west coast broadcasters have faster connections.

    Personal warrant canaries

    • Personal warrant canaries have been added and will be incremented whenever a patch note change goes live. You can see your personal warrant canary status on your personal settings page at the bottom.
    • Canaries hatched since the last update: 0