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  • Posted bymilkbox1 year ago

    Open Beta

    • Anyone can create accounts now.

    Simple chat room

    • All user profiles have a native chatroom on them.
    • Users can also post a cactus emoji. I dont know why.
    • Users can block other members from chatting in their room.
    • More permissions to control how they are used (or be completely hidden/disabled) will come shortly.
    • Users can see who is currently live on their chat page.

    User discovery on homepage and onboarding

    • Verified prank call hosts are randomly recommended on the homepage and during user signup.


    • Join the discord to let us know about bug reports and make feature requests:
    • Joining will also enable you to receive notifications on all shows you follow (soon).

    Verified users

    • Certain prankcasters are verified (marked with a REAL tag). Anyone with a show should contact for verification.
    • Verification will mean your profile is recommended to new users and that your fans know that users aren't impersonating the host they love.
    • Verification happens as I get to it, but feel free to email me to expedite. Only show hosts can verify, as it powers our show recommendation.

    Coming soon

    • v.04.2

    • A few more settings to better control the profile / embed experience.

    • Clips pagination and sorting (if youtube offers it)

    • v.05 (??)

    • Notifications (mobile web push & discord)

    • Ability to schedule event calendars