Oh hi there!
I believe in creative free expression. I am proud to host a platform that includes viewpoints and artistic styles that differ from my own. At the same time, this is a privately owned platform. We have rules that everyone must follow, for legal reasons and so this platform can grow into a hub for artistic expression and comedy.
We want to be able to dedicate 100% of our focus to building amazing features, instead of responding to distractions. Please help us achieve this by following all of the rules.
Thanks for your cooperation! I love you, mom.

Community Guidelines

Last updated March 23, 2023

Overall Platform Use

  1. Do not deliberately create headaches for staff members.

  2. Do not use this platform to create a hostile environment for other participants (staff, hosts or listeners).

  3. Be civil to each other.

Listening to Shows

  1. If a particular show has certain chat rules, follow those rules while in their chat. If you are not sure: ask the host, before you post.

  2. If you are unhappy with the contents of a show because it offends you, simply turn off the show and leave the chat. If the show is actually breaking site rules, contact an admin.

  3. If the host prevents you from posting in a private chatroom for any reason, do not create a new account to circumvent it.

  4. Do not flood the chat room or deliberately try to disrupt the chatroom or show.

  5. No redistributing other people's show content without their consent.

Broadcasting Shows

  1. Use content that you have the legal right to use.

  2. Do not do anything illegal or destructive to other parties.

  3. No sexually explicit content involving anyone under 18 years old.

  4. Do your best to avoid giving out private contact information of others.

  5. If your show includes prank calls, please adhere to the PLA guidelines: https://phonelosers.com/rules/