Frequently asked questions

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What is Prankcast?
It's a community platform that lets prankcasters broadcast live shows to their listeners using whichever broadcast servers they want (ours or theirs). Users can follow each other, get alerted when their followed shows go live, watch previous clips and discover new great shows and content to listen to. It's built and maintained for members, by members (milkbox), with support from some amazing folks within our community.
How do you notify listeners?
Members can follow their favorite shows and specify where to receive live show alerts. Current options include alerts via email, SMS text message and discord dm notifications.
How do I broadcast to this platform?
  1. Just click Broadcast and use our built-in web app to stream. You can connect it to any input on your computer with a single click - no extra steps or setup needed.
  2. Stream to our built-in servers from your favorite broadcasting software (OBS, BUTT, Rocket Broadcaster, etc..). You can stream via icecast or RTMP compatible broadcasting software using credentials we provide you in your broadcast settings. Our server will automatically update the Prankcast website and notify your followers whenever your live. Email if you want broadcast access.
What if I'm already streaming to another platform?

That's welcome! It's very common for broadcasters to stream to multiple locations at once.

Where can I read the rules of participation?
A complete list of rules is linked in the footer of every page.
Is Prankcast free to use? Can I support Prankcast somehow?
Thank you! It's not free. It's a pay-what-you-want model while we iron out kinks, grow the audience and figure out a fair and ethical business model to move forward with. If you're using it a lot and enjoy it, please do consider contributing to help accelerate things. We welcome all support while we get set up.Join this list of members who support us on Patreon.You can donate here, if you're so inclined.
Does Prankcast own, sell or resell my content?
No, you own your content. We do not sell or resell it. It is yours. Not ours. You give Prankcast a license to put it on our platform as part of the regular use of our platform. That content is always under your control and you can remove it at any time.
Does Prankcast share my personal data with anyone else?

No. Prankcast does not and will not willingly share, sell, distribute, copy or otherwise do anything other than protect your personal information to the best of our ability.

The only time personal information may be ''willingly'' shared with a third party is when we rely on a third party service as part of the Prankcast product itself. For example, if you login with your Google account, Google will record your email address as part of that login. Or if you sign up for phone notifications, Twilio will see your phone number, since our platform uses their SMS service to send you a text message and they could not send that message without your phone number.