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Gather 'round my beautiful kitten friends, I have a story to tell you. See there was once this guy named IceCat, who stumbled upon a reddit posting made by RBCP advisng of a live prank call show taking place on a site called Prankcast on the holiest of days, 4/20/2022. He joined the chat and listened to #DevonAnustart and, as mots prankcast listeners do, had a BLAST. The next night he listend to another live who by someone named #Peebola who made a man "shoot ropes". From then on he was hooked. four short months later IceCat, having been encouraged and assisted by Devon and Peebola, went live with a show of his own. A music show to be exact! He made playlists around the pranks of the friends he met on prankcast, he made playlists for getting the morning started, to help you fall asleep, and everything in between.

He continued this nearly every week for a little over 6 months, in hope that it brought his new friends joy and happiness in their day, in the same way the hosts on prankcast did for him. Ice built up an audience of insanely awesome people who made him feel very much a part of the community and loved. During this time he had become very good friends with a newer member by the name of despicabledogs, they had a lot in common and bonded over their love of weed, wresteling, writing, and of coures prank calls. They began helping each other write goofy commercials and make show drops. They became friends with other hosts, vetren community members, and up and commers like GretaGarbage, Dnella Doodle, Criefaux and DogLettuce. As it turned out, this little group, shared a like minded comedic tone that and had a sense of wildly creative silliness and geled very well together.

Around this time IceCat was doing some information gathering from his "prank mom's" and other well-seasoned hosts, about the possibility of doing pranks on his own, but believe it or not, the blue kitty you now know, was very very affraid of confrontation and not very confident in his ability to make calls, none the less make funny calls. IceCat was, and still is for the most part, a very shy person. It was suggested to him, that he should try to join do a call with the brilliantly funny WastedMemory and Dragonmere. One fateful night IceCat finally decided to take the plunge, and try to do a call. I can tell you that IceCat was shaking in his cowboy boots as that phone was ringing. Ice asked a hotel if he could put on stilts and dress as Uncle Sam while lighting fireworks and giving people hot dogs as a way to continue with the 4th of July holiday. Other than the fact that Ice was a bit nervous sounding, the call wasn't half bad.

While it was still almost another 7 months until IceCat would do his first actual prank call show, he continued on with his music show and writing with DespicableDogs and the rest of the gang. As time went on IceCat couldn't forget the rush he had when making that call. IceCat did a few guest spots on various shows. He did a secret show with Devon , Synthead, and LaughingBear, did a few fun pranks with Synthead on the Bass Bot Show, and even co-hosted a Crimbus slot with GretaGarbage and MolinWolf. Icecat started paying more attention to the nuances of making a successful prank call and taking notes from various hosts across prankcast. He got to know quiet a few of the hosts and vetern member of the community and learned a lot about the prank scene. He was a dry sponge soaking up all that prank juice!

It was mid march, 2023, and IceCat had done his researching, discussing, and planning long enough. He and DespicableDogs, with the help and and encouragement from the community, decided that they both were gonna start making calls. IceCat was still very unsure of when he would do his first show with calls, do you want to know what made IceCat jump in that dumpster and start popping off? It was listening to DespicableDogs do his first show. IceCat had been helping DespicableDogs get his show set up (showing dogs what programs he used, sending dogs wierd clips and drops, sound testing etc.). Despicables show was the final push that IceCat needed. On 3/14/2023, IceCat debuted his the first prank phone call episode of The Chill. This is a recording of that show.

That's it. There's no more story, because you pretty much know the rest. An' if ya don't, feel free to ask, IceCat has come along way in a year. Not just in a sense of doing a comedy show, but also made some giant strides personally. I know that if he was telling this story, he'd tell every single one of you, how much this community means to him, and that he loves everyone he has met along the way.

from the back of the room IceCat's voice is heard

"I am telling this story, and also, old man story mode activated!"

Seriously though, thank you all for everyting <3<3<3 Meow!


Gary Tells Us About His New Special Valetntines Day Grease Product

<3Special thanks to #AnimeGurl304 for the help<3

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A short music snippet from my Edited Pranks Only show that will be posted on my pateron, free for everyone!

Music - Electric Country

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In this episode IceCat is feeling very sassy, or as Korok so elegantly put it, spicy! Woo! Ice was feeling pretty uninspired the last few episodes (thank god for co-hosts and music), but he did some calls with @despicabledogs the night before and a it lit a fire under Icy's prank call nutsack! Mmmmm roasted nuts snifs air loudly

Heres a bit o' run through to get those lips of yers smacking:
-A garys Grease message was left.
-A guy suggested that IceCat should buy a dildo
-Icy was trapped in a claw machine
-Nipples were seen from space
-IceCat definetly annoyed a lot more people than normal
-Shut Up Little man was discovered by a few people in the chat
-People laughed
-IceCat probably sang something

Playlist Highlights:

The Moren Lovers - A Plea For Tenderness
Funkadelic - Balance
Tricky - Christian Sands
Count Bassie - Swingin' At Newport
Cherub - Doses And Mimmosas
Reel Big Fish - You Dont' Know
Lucy Dacus - Strange Torpedo
Julien Baker - Someting
Charles Bradley - Changes
Yves Montand - Rue St. Vincent
Mother Mother - Body
Holly Golightly - You Ain't No Big Thing
Tilly And The Wall - Beessa

Special thanks to my production assistants, @MoldyOrangepeel, @Mbots, and @AnimeGurl304

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Like Marty McFly, IceCat takes a trip to the past with music suggestions and prank calls from past shows. Milkbox and CrieFaux pop in and do some live calls!

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Criefaux tries to do a DnD Call and we learn that Satan is a dragon.

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A re-upload music show before I did prank calls. I listened to this yesterday and the playlist is fire!

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A clip from Episode 137 - GobblinFor George

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A clip from Episode 137 - Gobblin For George

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