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I missed last nights show and meant to update earlier. Oops. I mentioned on the last few shows that the editing has been kicking my ass lately and, as such, I haven't been uploading to YouTube. I set 3 days a month as an infrequent streaming schedule, but now I'm thinking once or twice a month might be ideal. Now that I'm happily participating in one or two other prank shows a week, by the time my own show rolls around I'm more dreading the editing than I am excited to stream.

So, in an effort to change that and make things more manageable for myself, I'm discontinuing my streams until I've caught up on the editing. Then, I'll come back with a new schedule that doesn't interfere with the other shows I want to attend, and that allows me more time to edit in between. In the meantime, you can find all my stuff on, from individual calls, to funny fake ads and PSAs and songs I've made.

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Taking the holiday off. I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the editing I need to do still, so I may end up going to one or two days a month to help me catch up. Still deciding what to do, but, I'll update soon when the schedule changes.

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In this episode I get back in the swing of things and try a bunch of premises, old and new. I get cucked, call the front desk for emotional support when I think about my own mortality, get my jeans stained at the strip club, and more.

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In this episode, we're back after a 3 week hiatus to try literally every premise we've ever tried in 3-hour show that's an hour longer than intended. Viva la escort call. David Heartcross, Johann, Patrick Katz, and the AI overlords come to bid us a gracious welcome into our prank call fuckery with 5 or so EPIC calls with the rest being shit basically. This is also our first multi stream with kick. Butts.

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A journey of premises from the humble dumpster dweller, to the great debate about whether or not Star Trek humanoids' defining traits are expressed below the belt. We see appearances from David "Hardtkrosx" and Johann the German Tourist, as well as all manner of other wtf-am-I-doing calls along the way! A tour de force for forcing a premise to work.

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David Heartcross has his day exercising demonic juju from hotel rooms. Johann the German Tourist continues to struggle with plumbing, and tries to find the nearest drive thru abortion clinic. Come on in, the toilet water's fine tonight!

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After 2 failed purchases, and 2 phone calls to my provider (which required the approval of their security department) I am the proud owner of!

This is just a way to find all my prank calls, podcast episodes, and other goodies all in one place. There's even a spot to submit numbers, if you want me to prank someone.

In other news, I got that silent mouse and it is AMAZING! So, my stream will be free from all the click clacks. I appreciate all you guys sticking around and supporting my pranks, even on the slow nights. I'll most likely be hanging out in Community Calls tonight, stop by. Next stream on Wednesday!

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Trying out a new character and new source of numbers goes sideways, so I have to resort to old standbys with unhospitable results.

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Taking my birthday off to chill out. My appreciation and thanks to anyone who was looking forward to it. Plenty of good shows planned ahead. Until the 18th, keep a lookout on my YouTube for all the calls still coming out.

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America just doesn't have the engineering required to endure the German feces. Poor Johann, our confused German tourist, has a heck of night trying to figure out why the toilet will not spray him clean, and learning what to do instead. A veritable romp, including a Diskotek, Poopy Towels, and an angry front desk attendant.

(messages) are messages

[call descriptions]

*worth hearing

calls that (flop) we tried

Calls Start: 00:16:10

Dumpster Fucker (flop) 00:19:40 to 00:20:10

Dumpster Fucker pt 2 00:21:03 to 00:22:56

Obnoxious Band Tryout 00:27:00 to 00:29:35

Obnoxious Band Tryout pt 2 (message) 00:31:30 to 00:32:45

Annoyed Musician (message) 00:34:10 to 00:35:10

Craigslist Massage (message) 00:37:11 to 38:07 [Forgot to call back]

German Tourist Interference (flop) 00:42:10 to 00:43:45

*German Tourist Toilet Tutorial 00:44:15 to 00:49:19

*German Tourist Toilet Tutorial pt 2 00:51:29 to 00:58:33

German Tourist Toilet Tutorial pt 3 01:01:54 to 01:03:20

David Heartcross: Paranormal Investigator 01:05:17 to 01:09:11

*German Tourist Toilet Tutorial pt 4 01:10:42 to 01:19:28

German Tourist Hotel Party 01:26:55 to 01:28:00

*German Tourist Hotel Party pt 2 / Toilet Tutorial pt 4 01:29:00 to 01:32:54

German Tourist Toilet Tutorial pt 5 (message) 01:34:24 to 01:35:33

Lost German Tourist 01:36:30 to 01:39:07 [Angry front desk]

*German Tourist Toilet Tutorial pt 6 01:40:07 to 01:47:08 [Front desk breaks toilet]

*German Tourist Toilet Tutorial pt 6 01:50:01 to 02:02:44 [Front desk relishes Johann's pain] [Oh God Bill] [98.9FM "The Weenus"]

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Had a few funny calls on a Sunday night, while trying out my new 98.9 FM "The Weenus" radio sweep.

(messages) are messages

[call descriptions]

*worth hearing

calls that (flop) we tried

Calls Start: 00:07:02

Free Laundry from the Fluff n Fold (flop) 00:09:54 to 00:12:05

Free Laundry, Lost Watch (message) 00:14:21 to 00:15:05

Free Laundry, Lost Watch pt 2 (message) 00:16:50 to 00:17:15

*Interrupting Dinner for Free Laundry [Bad Reaction] 00:18:00 to 00:21:13

Free Laundry, Lost Watch Pt 3 (message) 00:25:20 to 00:25:33

New Years in February (message) 00:26:57 to 00:28:28

98.9 FM "The Weenus" Laundromat Party (message) 00:33:20 to 00:34:14

Free Laundry (flop) 00:36:51 to 00:38:44

98.9 FM "The Weenus" Laundromat Party pt 2 (flop) 00:39:40 to 00:41:00

98.9 FM "The Weenus" Laundromat Party pt 3 (message) 00:42:03 to 00:43:00

98.9 FM "The Weenus" Long Voicemail Complaint (message) 00:43:43 to 00:45:06

Rejected Weenus (flop) 00:46:16 to 00:47:02

98.9 "The Weenus" Laundromat Party pt 4 (message) 00:48:28 to 00:49:00

*98.9 FM "The Weenus" Hotel Dumpster Party [got some radio taglines] 00:51:47 to 01:00:01

98.9 FM "The Weenus" Hotel Dumpster Party pt 2 (flop) 01:01:59 to 01:03:05

98.9 FM "The Weenus" Hotel Dumpster Party pt 3 (flop) 01:05:25 to 01:06:46

Hands-on Bathroom Attendant (funny flop) 01:08:07 to 01:09:43

*Hands-on Bathroom Attendant pt 2 [Craigslist Discount Nightmare] 01:11:10 to 01:22:16

Hotel Swingers (flop) [oh god bill] 01:30:21 to 01:31:32

Hotel Swingers pt 2 (message) [oh god bill] 01:32:50 to 01:33:32

New York (parody) [start spreading your legs] 01:33:58 to 01:34:32

Hotel Swingers pt 3 [begging security to fck my wife] 01:34:50 to 01:39:53

Hands-on Bathrom Attendant pt 3 (message) 01:43:21 to 01:43:40

*Hands-on Bathroom Attendant pt 4 ft RoboAlex & 98.9 FM "The Weenus" pt 4 01:45:20 to 02:01:52

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