On this episode we call businesses:

  • asking them to turn off their lights because it’s ruining our astrophotography

  • do a car ding call, courtesy of @phonelosers

  • ask hotel front desks to stop prank calling me, it’s really immature

  • give some people our new number

  • get a front desk to sing to us

  • sing happy birthday to another front desk

  • And more!!

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On this show, I call law firms about last Sunday's Swanson/Sorenson seaside Soiree Disaster.

I also call hotels to get my girl a pretty pass for smoking in the room.

Lastly, we call hotels to send in our kids to raise money for the victims. Anything we can do to help the victims of this tremendous tragedy.


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Here's a quick standalone clip from a phone screen job interview with a placement agency.

The original call was 15 minutes, but I chopped it down to 5 for your listening satisfaction.

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In this episode I called law firms and eventually got an alliterative story down where I want to sue the server and suit seamstress at the Swanson-Sorenson soiree for shooting soup scoops down a soup chute, onto a shoddy suit sleeve seam that was sewed so-so by Sue Sasso of Sasso's suits. There's more, it's very annoying and very hard to say, but eventually I got through it!

Thanks to @alfcrispr, @korok, @synthead, @dialtrolls, @jesuspenus, @criefaux, @mcpaperclip and @andyanderson for helping with some of the awesome alliteration for this episode

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Thanks to @xenorax for this episode's title

  • Give clarity to someone who was kicked out of a casino.

  • On this episode I ask random stranger to be my son's god father and some accept.

  • Get confirmation of inappropriate journalist quotes from hotel front desks about their facilities.

  • Take apart toilets to go magnet fishing.

  • Complain that toilets don't fit your entire hand.

  • Call people and name your baby after them. Invite them to the baby shower to give a speech (some said yes).

and more!

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Quick minishow to make up for monday. Some fun calls involving getting my hand stuck up the toilet, and delivering futons. But my favorite call was telling a random stranger I was making her my new baby's godmother. 00:54:10

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Happy Labor Day folks - I'll be doing some chewing and swallowing tonight at the normally scheduled time, which leaves my mouth parts unavailable for a show. Hope you all understand. I'll force wind through my mouth meat later this week though.

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Lots of engineering social awkwardness tonight - this was a lot of fun:

  • Getting the front desk lady to explain to my child where babies come from, because I am too uncomfortable to do it. This was probably one of the funniest, most uncomfortable calls I have ever done.
  • Getting the front desk to agree to use their hotel as an alibi while I was actually elsewhere with my mistress. Thanks to @bexroc for playing the part of the wife on part of this
  • Getting the front desk to shave their head in solidarity with my friend Chris going through chemo
  • Renting pets for my tinder profile photos
  • Walking out of the hotel without my prosthetic leg
  • Telling people I got their face tattooed on my arm
  • Parking my porsche across 2 spots, so nobody dings the car
  • and more!

I also did try to call back the Casino Lady from Saturday night's minisode, but no luck on her picking up yet. :(

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Oh boy, there were some epic calls on tonight's minisode, including one angry sovereign citizen who is going to put me in jail for "insulting his intelligence" (I didn't), and the Karen from this viral incident (copy and paste the full URL - the auto linker doesn't handle tiktok well currently):

Her call is at 00:54:00

I also got to bake my new hotel neighbor a quiche and got the front desk to help me force my neighbor to eat it.

Thanks to @criefaux and @despicabledogs for lending their voices to some hilarious calls. And thanks to @animegurl304, @famardy and @mbots for submitting numbers tonight.

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On this show I try to deliver reverse milking equipment to hotels; Ask hotels to make me pay a pet fee for my virtual pet so it feels more realistic; tow some cars; deliver Arbies from one Arbies to another; call more people to tell them I changed my number; apologize for dinging someone's car; and more!

Thanks to @doglettuce for joining for a helicopter milk drop call.

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On this show I call a lot of places and make dog-related calls. It was a very fun holesome show mostly. Probably one of my favorites in recent memory.

Also, there was one AMAZING bettybot call as well. But the show was really 99% dog-related.

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On this unscheduled show, we complain about the awful smell from the eggs we're cooking in our room. And also try to make a bunch of milk on demand deliveries to people's lobby.

Thanks to @GretaGarbage for joining the show!

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